Hyuuga Signature Series


Essential oil can be divided into different aroma families such as:

Citrus, Floral, Herbaceous, Camphoraceous, Minty, Woody/earthy, Spicy, Resinous.

And most of the essential oils that falls under the same family would have similar therapeutic benefits.
Some of the therapeutic benefits that you could benefit from essential oils are such as aphrodisiac, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, balancing, calming, detoxifying, stimulating, uplifting, grounding, energising and many more.

With Hyuuga, an artisanal aromatherapy brand in Singapore with over 16 different kinds of pure essential oils imported all around the world and 5 Signature series, from aromatherapy to cleansing kit for waterless diffuser. All of our products are hand-poured, studied and improved in Singapore in hope to improve your daily life in the most minimal way possible.

Hyuuga essential oil blends are uniquely blended and grouped into to our Signature series based on its alluring aromas with different personalities, and therapeutic effects; much like how musical notes come together harmoniously to create a beautiful melody.

Each blend is a soul in the living, with a story to tell, a moment that awakens, a scent to remember. We may not be able to seize or stop time, but our olfactory memory has the ability to draw us back to the moment where life touches us. And we hope that these blends will now touch you as you live your story, and share your feelings and beliefs.

Inspired by the elements of mother nature- Our series namely Garden, Lake, Forest, Mountain and Meadow where its botanical plant and scent type are commonly found. We hope by inhaling these natural notes, it would stimulate and transport you to a place that refines your inner peace. 

MEADOW; 原 series

Blends that are inspired by Meadow are often reminiscent of the flowers from which they are extracted and can be described as being feminine, powdery, subtle, modest, romantic, and even poetic. They are often sweet-smelling and create a feeling of cheerfulness. Floral scents are considered to be classic and timeless.

( With numerous positive feedbacks for the last few month for our Meadow series, we decided to expand our Meadow series. Right now we have two blends Nightbird and Dreams under the Meadow series which reputed benefit are more to promote rest and comfort )

Nightbird essential oil blend

Nightbird essential oil blend
Comforting- Consist of sweet scented Rose geranium, honeyed notes of Neroli flowers and majesty Ylang Ylang essential oil. Which possess the ability to improve sleep and insomnia, reduce stress, promote comforts and rest, ease signs of frustration, relief for anxiety and panic attacks.

Dreams essential oil blend

Dreams essential oil blend
Peaceful- Made with lively Bergamot for its unique floral scent, sweet scented rose geranium, hint of spicy and musky aroma from patchouli as base note, warmth and woody undertones from Rosewood essential oils.

Some of the therapeutic benefits of Dreams are to heightens the sense of joy, promote peaceful mood, improve sleep and insomnia, reduce stress, anxiety and tension, improving intimate communication, decreasing sexual anxiety, replace fear with confidence, inspire creativity and encourage freedom of expression of the imagination.

GARDEN; 庭 series

Garden series possess two aroma families which are Citrus and spicy which you could commonly found in a garden such as ginger, lemon, lime and etc. Essential oil blend that falls under the series would have characteristic of tangy, fresh, clean, spicy uplifting or exotic warm intense aromas that are often reminiscent of baking and other warm memories mainly to stimulate energy and focus.

KAEN essential oil blend
Kaen essential oil blend
Energising- Blended with Lemon balm which give an aroma of spring, tangy grapefruit, lively bergamot and strong, warm and spicy note of Ginger to add into the soul of the blend.     

KAEN ignite the flame in your soul which could promotes trust and courage, calms emotional upset, , relieves feelings of fear, anxiety, warms the heart and opens up feelings of love , increase self-confidence and self-esteem and improves concentration and focus.


FOREST; 森 series

Forest series consists of two aroma family which are woody and musky, reminiscent the scents of the space in the tranquil forest, leathery, soft wood or damp soil. Some of the key notes are deep warm, rich scents that are smoky, earthy, alluring warm sweet and musky, sensual and lingering creating an atmosphere of mystery. A way of enjoying blends that fall under the forest series, is on a raining afternoon with a cup of warm coffee on hand while inhaling the aroma.

Hiran essential oil blend
Grounding- Made with Lemon which calm the soul, Orange and Cedarwood for its warm and woody scent, sweet deep vanilla notes from Benzoin, Clove for its spicy notes and bringing the entire notes together.

Some of the therapeutic benefit are to promotes sense of inner calm, improve mood, concentration and recall, purifies space and encourage meditation, spiritual growth by providing focus direction and overcome one’s fear of intimacy.


MOUNTAIN; 山 series

Essential oil blend inspired by Mountain series possess scent of herbaceous, imagine standing at the top of the mountain, above the cloud while the first appearance of light in the sky while closing your eye and inhaling in rich, fresh grassy aroma.. Floral yet invigorating sun-warmth spring air which reminiscent of the aroma of fresh leaves, moss herbs, and trees.

Aurora essential oil blend
Balancing- Aromatic Frankincense with hint of musty pine, citrus and spice, Lavender fresh sweet herbaceous notes and Clary sage that give a warm, herbaceous ending.
Aurora helps to relax your mind , reduce feelings of stress, nurtures creativity and self-expression.


LAKE; 湖 series

Water of life, crisp fresh flowing stream, which aid the surrounding plants. Lake; 湖 series which possess two aroma family, Camphoraceous and Minty which could awaken one’s sense. Beneficial for clearing the respiratory system due to their clarifying, penetrating fresh soothing aroma. It has purifying abilities cleansing the space with almost medicinal or cooling aromas.

Lafrant. essential oil blend
Recovery- Aromatic Frankincense with hint of musty pine, citrus and spice, Lavender fresh sweet herbaceous notes and cooling peppermint to soothe your soul.

Lafrant. essential oil blend soothe headaches and migraines, balance emotions, anger and anxiousness , relieves mental fatigue, inspires self-esteem , increasing alertness & promotes focus thinking.