Hyuuga (日向 ; ) means "Towards the Sun”, which every lifeforms on earth are blessed with its majestic power to live. 

If you have ever watch a sunrise or a sunset, you’ll agree when we say there is no other moment like this, where our senses are more in-tune with nature, and a moment of silence falls within us. It is that magical moment that nature and our soul have subconsciously merge as one. We may not seize or stop time, but our olfactory memory has the ability to draw us back to the moment where life touches us. Likewise, the creation of our essence comes with this same thought. To pursue the ability to awake one’s soul from scent and craft. Without the sun, there will be no warmth. Plants will not survive, trees will not grow and flowers will not bloom; and Hyuuga will not be born. We inspire to cohabit with nature, to energise, revitalise and give hope through our products to restore life in this fast paced world. Like all lifeforms appreciating the gifts from the sun.


In Hyuuga, we strive with purity to bring out the best of nature for your well-being through therapeutic and sustainable products.


- 100% natural grade with no chemicals or synthetics.
- Hand crafted with the art of ancient healing into small batches of essence with our hearts and souls.