Returning the gift to Earth

What we take from Mother Nature, we seek to give back with gratitude.

-The inspiration of Project Origami.

Inspired by Zen’s philosophy, we keep our ingredients, production & packaging as simple as possible by adhering to only the bare essentials.Every Hyuuga order comes with an origami thank you card where you could request us to write a short message (preferably within 100 characters) at checkout.

Once it arrives at your doorstep, its End-of-life doesn’t end as we want it to be as sustainable as possible.Therefore you could fold it into an origami and it can be act as a diffuser where you could create and place it anywhere be it your bed side table, your office, or gifting it to brighten someone’s day.Whenever an origami finds a new home, a portion of the revenue will be donated to where they work tirelessly to defend natural resources, protect endangered species, keeping water clean and preserving nature so that animals will always have a home to stay. 

A moment of gratitude makes a difference in your attitude.

-Bruce Wilkinson