Grapefruit Essential Oil


Botanical name: Citrus Paradisi
Ingredient: 100% Pure essential oil

Extraction method: Cold pressing method
Country of Origin: France
Aroma: Fruity
Blends well with Lemon, Orange, Bergamot, Lemongrass

Handcrafted in small batches in Singapore

Folklore and herbal heritage

The grapefruit, not even 300 years old, offspring of the pummelo, sometimes spelled pomelo and even known as shaddock, the grapefruit may have appeared as a horticultural accident during the 1700s in Jamaica. The grapefruit might never have made a debut at all if it hadn't been for Captain Shaddock, a 17th century English ship commander who brought seeds of the pummelo from the East Indies and delivered them to the West Indies in 1693.

Medicinal Uses

Most commonly, grapefruit oil is used to fight throat and respiratory infections, fatigue, muscle aches, as well as a natural remedy for arthritis.

As a natural detoxification agent, grapefruit oil can help the liver cleanse the body of toxins and waste, plus it can activate your lymphatic system and control fluid retention. Grapefruit essential oil also has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that may help treat various conditions, such as acne and stomach ulcers. Reducing blood pressure and stress.

Beauty Benefits

The pure, expeller-pressed essential oil of Grapefruit is high in antioxidants, particularly Vitamin C. Therefore, it’s a great oil to boost the immune system and protect against free radicals. Those components also make it beneficial for both skin and hair, promoting a smooth texture and a bright, radiant appearance. 

Emotional Effects

Emotionally, Grapefruit essential oil has the ability to balance mood and restore the connection to our feelings. It promotes the release of anger or resentment for anyone who has a tendency to keep things bottled up inside. The bright, sunny aroma also benefits those suffering from depression or nervous exhaustion.

Other information

Grapefruit essential oil is zesty, bright and uplifting. It has the power to balance mood and emotions while elevating the spirit. The energizing aroma is tart and refreshing, evocative of the first scent that permeates the air as the peel is broken when cutting the fruit. The fruit itself is a hybrid of the Sweet Orange and the Pomelo. 

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