Dreams Sanitizer



Spirited Away

The sky is of a clear blue, clouds glowing rosily from the setting sun. Beyond the rural field of tall weeds was a bridge to cross over the narrow canal. I hop on my steps and come to a quiet district with houses lined along closely. The streets were empty and the air was still with a sense of mystique but I couldn’t help feeling drawn to the place. I wandered around, my heart pounding.. my eyes scanned the settings and a wave of deja-vu washed over me. It was then I saw it.. the river; the clouds that stood above, at about the same time in the afternoon, where the skies are blue.. the gravity that almost lifts me off my feet once again, the freshness of the air pressed on my skin and the wind that tousled my hair.. the warmth of his palm pressed against mine.. and our eyes met.


Exotic, sweet, and musty, with a dreamy soft melody of fresh floral notes


100% pure essential oil, 70% isopropyl alcohol, glycerin and deionized water.


Store in a dark and cool area

Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames & hot surfaces.

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