Shinrin Yoku Play Diffuser


Experience the Peace of Shinrinyoku PLAY series Anywhere with Hyuuga. Soulful Journeys: Healing on the Go

Designed to be portable, our Shinrin Yoku PLAY is your companion for outdoor adventures, staycations, overseas travels or using it in the vehicle. It allows you to carry the magic of Shinrin Yoku wherever you go, bringing the tranquillity of the essential oils to your every journey.


Mobile Aromatherapy Device

∙Keep germs away
∙Portable and chargeable
∙Waterless and heatless
∙Detachable magnetic nozzle
∙Ambient night light (7 different colors)
∙Zen minimalistic design
∙Eco-friendly, easy to operate
∙Diffuses 100% pure essential oils
∙Customizable mist duration: 15, 60, 120 seconds.
∙Customizable timer 1H/2H/3H or continuous mist
∙Compact silent design with strong diffusing strength, scent up to 150 sqft 


Made with Aluminium alloy, our diffuser means durability, heat resistance, and a sleek look. It's lightweight, eco-friendly, and prevents rust, making it ideal for a lasting, safe, and stylish diffuser.


Discover the versatile functionalities of our ambient night lights, designed to infuse playfulness into any space.


Activate- Turn on the colorful night light by holding the timer button for 2 seconds.
Customize- Customize your preferred light by short-pressing the timer button while the night light is on.
Off- Power off the light by holding the timer button for 3 seconds.

Color selection- Choose from 7 vibrant colors, including blue, red, brown, yellow, green, light green, and dark blue.

Feature- Features a built-in 2600mAh lithium battery. A full charge (6-8 hours) offers approximately 30-120 hours of use, depending on mist intensity.



Model: Shinrin Yoku PLAY series
Capacity: 5-20ml
Power: 3W
Battery max standby:120hours
Product size: 73mm*126mm
Battery capacity: 2600mah
Product weight: 490g.


Shinrinyoku PLAY comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty covers any functional failure and electronic defect from the diffuser, power adapter, glass tank, and glass cap defects. For more information, please contact us at


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