Aurora Natural Mist



The Goddess of Dawn

I removed my shoes and stepped onto the wild grass, my feet pressing against a tingling sensation of cold and damp. A scent of greenery lingers across the vast plains and hanging above me is a starry backdrop with lucid aurora borealis.

“Can time stop here?” I thought to myself. My breathing gradually comes to a calming still.

Engrossed at the moment, the tale of Greek God Aurora came into my mind. Known as the bringer of first light for she announces the arrival of the sun; she was often reverenced for bringing light and hope to all beings on earth.

So dark as it may be now, how alluring of this seclusion, the dawn will always ascend and light will give me strength.



Made with a 100% natural blend of Clary sage, Frankincense, and Lavender. Aurora essential oil blend delivers a balancing and calming aroma. It helps to relax your mind and reduce feelings of stress, anxiety or panic. Nurtures creativity and self-expression.



Faint notes of fresh grass, floral, herbal and woody scent aroma.



With aphrodisiac properties, it has the ability to soothe pain and heals wounds, insect bites and inflammation. It also helps with respiratory issues such as shortness of breath, congestion, sinus and averts asthma attacks. When using in a diffuser it acts as an immunity booster and helps purify the air. Also aids in relieving migraine and headaches.



100% pure essential oil, rose water and Polysorbate-20


Please refer to our care guide.

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