Aroma Journey Set


Enclosed with this Aroma Journey Set, you will discover the essence of our signature series blends, thoughtfully accompanied by our most popular single note essential oils. Embark on a sensory through different aromas, evoking your sense of exploration, self-discovery and tranquility.

It comprised a selection of 10 unique essential oils and blends (3ml each), each one meticulously crafted and hand-bottled. Included with an essential oil guide and a gift card.


Named after its elements - Meadow(原), Mountain(山), Forest(森), Lake(湖), Garden (庭) , each series reflects the botanical wonders and serene scents of these natural realms.


An invigorating characteristic that often reminds one of warm memories. Great for uplifting!

Therapeutic Benefits: Lively, Deodorizing

Aroma Type: Citrus, Spicy


Earthy fresh notes purify the air and are beneficial for clearing the respiratory system.

Therapeutic Benefits: Invigorating, Refreshing

Aroma Type: Herbaceous


A sensual and lingering scent that creates an aura of mystery and brings a sense of inner peace

Therapeutic Benefits: Grounding, Enhance Intimacy

Aroma Type: Woody, Musky


Reminiscent of fresh leaves, herbs and trees is a harmonious blend of spring

Therapeutic Benefits: Balancing, Positivity

Aroma Type: Camphoraceous, Minty


Delicate and poetic notes, foster a comforting aura with a touch of feminine grace

Therapeutic Benefits: Calming, Promotes Rest

Aroma Type: Floral 


With the top 5 essentials, rediscover harmony and elevate your well-being through direct inhalation, baths or skincare fusion by adding with a carrier oil.


Revitalizing and helpful for travel discomforts like headaches and queasiness. Purifies the air, soothes the stomach, and relieves sore feet and congestion.


Eases breathing, discomfort, headaches, and hangovers. Promotes calmness, aids with menstrual pain, and boosts the immune system.


Provides relaxation and sleep during travels soothes sunburns, cuts, and bruises, eases nausea, and combats jet lag.


It elevates mood, reduces travel stress, and acts as a natural cleanser and anti-nausea agent. Enhances mental clarity, aiding navigation in new places


Refreshes and repels insects, supports digestion and facilitates muscle relaxation. Perfect for invigorating journeys and maintaining comfort.

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