Starter Bundle

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Hyuuga starter bundle comes with a set of our signature Shinrin Yoku diffuser, an essential oil blend of your choice, and a cleansing diffuser kit.

Handmade ceramic and Hevea wood

  • Easy to clean
  • Keep germs away
  • Waterless and heatless
  • Warm light + breathing pattern light
  • Zen minimalistic design + noble materials
  • Eco friendly, easy to operate
  • Diffuses 100% pure essential oils
  • Compact silent design with powerful diffusing strength, scent up to 300 sqft


Hyuuga essential oil blends are uniquely blended and grouped into to our Signature series based on their alluring aroma with different personalities, and therapeutic effects; much like how musical notes come together harmoniously to create a beautiful melody.

Each blend is a soul in the living, with a story to tell, a moment that awakens, a scent to remember. We hope that these blends will now touch you as you live your story, and share your feelings and beliefs.


NIGHTBIRD - Comforting

DREAMS - Peaceful

LAFRANT. - Immunity / Recovery

KAEN - Energising

HIRAN - Grounding

AURORA - Balancing

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Designed in a spray bottle for easy usage for cleansing of Shrinrin Yoku diffuser or any other diffuser to ensure that it is working on its best functionality when diffusing essential oils. 

Spray a small amount into the glass tank and swirl the solution until the stains are removed. Diffuse for a minute to cleanse the inner glass tube if needed.


The exterior is hand-made with Hevea wood(hardwood from the maple family) which is eco-friendly and is known for its durability and aesthetic wood grain finishing. And its ceramic cover is carefully handcrafted with care so that warm light could pass through, creating a relaxing ambiance warming your night. Every ceramic cover might have a slight difference. Internal comes with a hand-made reservoir which is made from glass to ensure that the essential oils are not damaged by the inert nature of glass. A nebulizing glass cap saves essential oils while improving the diffuser’s performance.
Plastic parts are all BPA-free PP (environment-friendly materials).


Adaptive mist system
Our body can absorb the benefits of essential oil for only an hour, hence it is programmed with 1min ON, 2 min OFF that lasts for 2 hours. (Lowest essential oil consumption in the market).
Adaptive mist mode
“Adaptive mist” allows you to choose a level of intensity by your Shinrin Yoku using a scroll button. With adaptive mist mode, you can adjust the amount of essential oil being diffused as you pleased.
ZEN LED light
Shinrin Yoku was conceptualized with the purpose of soothing one’s soul whereby we incorporate night lamp using only warm lighting which comes with, three types of brightness. 1. Sunlight(bright) 2. Moonlight 3. Breathing pattern light (meditation).
Safety device System/energy saving
Shinrin Yoku will automatically stop diffusing after 2 hours.


Designed in Italy-
Shinrin Yoku is designed in Italy and assembled in Singapore and China. Our assembly line has ISO quality standards (International Organization for Standardization).
Shinrin Yoku comes with a user instruction manual + UK adaptor + Glass oil reservoir + glass oil glass cap


Power adapter (Input): 100-240V – 50Hz
Power adapter (Output): 15V/05A)
Output power: 7.5W
Diffusing space 20-25m2
Unit size 109*103*163 mm
Box size 210 205* 170mm

Shinrin Yoku comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty covers any functional failure and electronic defect from the diffuser, power adapter, glass tank, and glass cap defects. For more information, please contact us at

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