Hiran Sanitizer

A serenity in the woods
Evening approached as the last orange rays lit from behind signage off the track. "Life is a precious gift" it reads. I went over the phrase over and over in my head as I descend the treks of Mount Fuji.. my footsteps in rhythm to my breathing. Unknowingly I stepped into a beautiful dense forest. Surrounding me are tall conifers and broadleaf trees while the ground all covered with thick darkened moss and broken twigs.. I wandered, feeling lost but there is a sense of calmness to the air that resides. Just as I was about to make a turn to go, I spot a deer from within sight, gazing at me intently with it's deep-set eyes. Its lean physique stood elegantly as it blends with nature; a serenity in the woods.

A hint of woody, reminisces of the forest, dried orange, sensual and woody.

100% pure essential oil, 70% isopropyl alcohol, glycerin and deionized water.


Store in a dark and cool area

Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames & hot surfaces.


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