Hiran Essential Oil Blend


A serenity in the woods

Evening approached as the last orange rays lit from behind a signage off the track. "Life is a precious gift" it reads. I went over the phrase over and over in my head as I descend the treks of Mount Fuji.. my footsteps in rhythm to my breathing. Unknowingly I stepped into a beautiful dense forest. Surrounding me are tall conifers and broadleaf trees while the ground all covered with thick darkened moss and broken twigs.. I wandered, feeling lost but there is a sense of calmness to the air that resides. Just as I was about to make a turn to go, I spot a deer from within sight, gazing at me intently with it's deep-set eyes. It's lean physique stood elegantly as it blends with nature; a serenity in the woods.


Made with a 100% natural blend of lemon, orange, clove, benzoin and cedarwood. Hiran promotes grounding and a sense of inner calm. It reduces feelings of stress and restores a peaceful mind. It also opens one's heart to nurturing qualities, and assist in the acceptance of love, overcoming one's fear of intimacy. It purifies the space and encourages meditation, spiritual growth by providing focus and direction.


A hint of woody reminisces of the forest, dried orange, sensual and woody.


With anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, anti-microbial and antiseptic properties, it helps to enhance immunity by stimulating white blood cell production to combat infection. Relives discomfort from cold and fever and assist to treat mouth ulcers.

Calms upset stomach, aids digestion and restores appetite. It also encourages elimination of waste and promotes urination, hence helpful in treating one with obesity or fluid retention issues.


100% pure essential oil


Please refer to our care guide.


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