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Christmas edition

What is included in the bundle-
1. A set of 10ml essential oil blend each

∙Scandinavian Woods

2. Shrinrin Yoku Diffuser
3. Diffuser Cleansing Spray

4. How to use guide
5. Hyuuga's essential oil wood diffuser

More information on the bundle below

Handmade ceramic and Hevea wood

∙Easy to clean
∙Keep germs away
∙Waterless and heatless
∙Warm light + breathing pattern light
∙Zen minimalistic design + noble materials
∙ Eco-friendly, easy to operate
∙Diffuses 100% pure essential oils
∙Compact silent design with powerful diffusing strength, scent up to 300 sqft

Comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Designed in a spray bottle for easy usage for cleansing of Shrinrin Yoku diffuser or any other diffuser to ensure that it is working on its best functionality when diffusing essential oils.

A 100% pure blend of Cinnamon, Clove, and Ginger essential oil
The smells of Christmas, notes of spicy, enticing, comforting sweet with a hint of a woodsy undertone. A blend that builds up immunity perfect for any time of the day.

A 100% pure blend of Peppermint, Vanilla, Orange, and Lemon essential oil
The top note of mint reminds us of a peaceful sweet winter night yet warm and clean citrus finishing. Uniquely created to resemble the Christmas candy cane scent to evoke the child in within. A perfect blend to uplift your day, being youthful at heart every moment.

A 100% pure blend of Douglas Fir, Cedarwood and Frankincense essential oil
Soft earthy notes, woody, piney with an undertone of citrus. A complex and wonderful blend that helps calm the mind and soul and transport your soul to the winter Scandinavian woods. It promotes grounding pulling away unwanted memories and negative thoughts perfect scent to invite the Christmas spirit.


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